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     a.  Medicolegal Assessments for work cover, third parties and motor accidents

Specialist experience

Mind Connections specialist team has an excellent record of helping patients who struggle with medico legal issues, 3rd party insurance claims including work related stresses, trauma, anxiety, depression and relationship issues.  For some a compensation injury could have occurred after one incident, for others it could be a result of incremental long term work stress. Our specialist team at Mind Connections are experienced in diagnosing, reporting on, and treating people who have had workplace based issues and compensation issues. These are situations where the injuries and mental health issues must have resulted from situations related to work/compensation claim. Our clients are major insurance companies, solicitors and Motor Accident Authority NSW.

Our specialist team has experience and expertise working as Independent Medical Examiners (IME) as well as treating Psychiatrists / psychologists.

Our service is built on more than 10 years’ experience and the process is user friendly. We understand that such conditions needed to be treated effectively. Our specialist team provides nonjudgmental sympathetic approach according to recovery based principals. Offering initial appointments within five working days is instrumental for the right support and care, guidance and course of treatment.

Through peer review activities our team sharpen their in-depth knowledge about these matters. They have excellent understanding of the sensitivities and formal legislative requirements surrounding work cover and compensation claims.

We offer

  • Capacity assessments for financial management and legal matters
  • Guardianship applications for dementia and organic brain damage
  • Work cover
  • 3rd party
  • Assessment of Whole Person Impairment/Total and Permanent Disability
  • Pre-Employer psychiatric assessment
  • Injury Management Consultations/Return to work rehabilitation plans
  • Case conferences with third parties and other relevant bodies.

We organise appointments

  • Within five working days provided we receive payments/confirmation of payment
  • Carefully catered for clients’ needs. We offer weekdays, after hours and Saturday appointments
  • Completion of reports within five working days provided we receive payments/confirmation of payment
  • Clients are given access via e-mail to our administrative staff. Clients do not have to make a phone call. Information relating on changes to appointments or checking the progress of a report can be done via e-mail, which we consider as efficient and reliable way
  • Clients in country towns and outer metropolitan areas where there are geographical barriers are offered appointments via Skype telehealth video link. Clients in rural areas where they have difficulties with transport no longer have barriers to access our services. Our consumer satisfaction surveys indicate that consumers are happy with the level of service.

Our fees

3rd parties – Set according to standard rates; for psychiatrists set by Australian Medical Association, for psychologists set by Australian Psychological society.
We honour work cover set fees for work cover cases.
All our specialists are registered with AHPRA.

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     b. Mental health assessments and reporting for fire arm handlings and licencing.

Our psychiatrist provides mental health assessments for those who need fire arm licences. Particularly for rural and reginal cities our psychiatrists can consult for mental health assessments via Telehealth in rural or regional GPs offices.  It is not necessary for anyone to come to the office as long as you can go to your regional GP office where you can be linked up with our specialists via a video link.  Please note fees for the report must be paid in advance.

     c.  Mental health assessments & reporting – Australian Defence Forces (ADF) & Police Recruits

Often some new recruits’ for ADF and NSW Police forces request for Mental Health Assessment as a part of the recruitment process. If you are one of them you can book an appointment to see a psychiatrist to obtain the report. Usually it about 1-2 appointments and report probably take another 2 days.  Please note fees for the report must be paid in advance.

     d. Treatment and ongoing care for ADF Personals

Our psychiatrists are accredited by the ADF for treatment and ongoing care of their members. All details are strictly confidential. Our psychiatrists will give their feedback within 72 hours to your referred GP at your base. We bill all consultation via Medibank Solutions according to their guidelines and agreement

Please feel free to contact us to find out more information: