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New patients are welcome

If you are an Australian Citizen or a permanent resident, you can claim Medicare rebates provided you bring a correct referral from your GP for your initial visit.

To see a specialist – you must bring a GP referral for your initial appointment or if you are returning for a follow up appointment after a one year lapse since your last visit.

To see a psychologist – you need a GP referral and a Mental Health Care Plan (GPMHCP) addressed to our Psychologist for your initial appointment. This will allow you to have Medicare rebates for ten individual sessions/calendar year. If your GP specifies group therapy in the GPMHCP, you also can attend ten group therapy sessions/calendar year. Group therapy is in addition to the individual sessions.

Our receptionist staff may guide you about other instances that you need a referral. Please make sure that you bring your referral with you for the first appointment.

If you are not an Australian Citizen or not a permanent resident, you may claim some rebates from your health insurer. In order to claim from your health insurer, you need a GP referral for your initial visit.

Fees that are not covered by Medicare

  • 3rd party referrals – The Medico legal assessments for 3rd party insurers, work cover and employer assessments are charged according to Australian Medical Association (AMA) rates.
  • Requests for psychiatric reports – the fees are calculated per hourly basis according to AMA rates. The reports will be done on a prepaid basis.
  • Telephone or Telehealth consultations – The sessions are organised with the nominated professional prepaid basis. Although it is advisable to have a GP referral, theoretically you do not need a referral. Fees are calculated according to time and you can book multiples of 15 minutes durations.

Consultations without a GP referral

It is not uncommon some individuals consult either psychiatrist or psychologists without a GP referral for various reasons. Telephone and Telehealth consultations are the fastest growing area in our practice.

If you do not wish claim Medicare benefits you can consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist without a GP referral. The service is user friendly, time efficient for busy professionals and people with disabilities.

You can choose to come to the practice but our experience suggests most prefer Telehealth via Skype. Most patients who receives such services with us consider the convenience of seeing our professionals from their own environment, not having to travel to appointments and not having to take days off as the most cost efficient way of receiving a quality psychiatric services.

We understand that talking about mental health issues can be difficult. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly practice teams at our Carlingford or Norwest practice locations: