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Mind Connection staff including practitioners are committed to protect your privacy. We have high standards when collecting, storing, accessing, and distribution of personal and health information which are in compliance with our legal obligations and professional expectations.


We need you (or your carers) consent prior to collection of your personal information. We will inform you of your rights and responsibilities regarding our privacy policies. You may limit or withdraw your consent at any time. It is important to let us know if you wish to change or limit your consent.

What we collect and why

At Mind Connections we collect, store, and protect patients’ personal and medical information in order to provide patients with better health care services. Your personal details, your medical and mental health condition and treatment will be kept confidential by medical and practice administration staff. We collect personal information related to activities necessary for us to provide care and treatment to you. This includes administrative and billing, quality improvements, teaching and learning activities, provision of health care within the practice and by other practioners we may refer you to.

Sharing your information

Your information will not be disclosed without your permission unless the law requires it to be given (i.e. Subpoena) to a designated person or authority. Your consent is obtained when you first come to this practice and we will confirm with you time after time. If you have specific concerns regarding your medical records you have an obligation to inform us in advance, preferably in writing.

Keeping your information safe

We will store information securely and protect it from unauthorised access. We will ensure that your health and personal information is relevant, accurate and updated. It is your responsibility to inform us about changes of your personal details such (phone numbers and address) and medical information for us to provide you better care. We do not keep copies of your records at our practice. We use cloud based electronic medical records. All hard copies will be handed over to you at the end of consultation or securely destroyed by our secretaries.

Requesting access to information

Access to information must be requested in writing by you. We have a Patient Request form in the practice for you to sign and hand over to our staff. All requests are to be discussed with your treating doctor and/or allied health professional at Mind Connections. Sometimes access to your own medical records can be denied or limited due to genuine concerns from the treating professional. This may be related to your own wellbeing, or that of another person. However, these matters if applicable will be discussed with you.

Other options such as a review of the record with the treating practitioner/s can be offered to you rather than providing with you a copy of all medical records. You cannot access information about another patient without the prior consent of the other person. This can include access to family members’ health and personal information.

Our practice also recognises children over 15 years as adult and their personal and medical information are kept confidential. This will be managed case by case by the treating professional. Please note as a private practice, and administration costs will incur for providing you a copy of your medical records.

Making a complaint

In case of suspected privacy breaches or if you are not happy about an outcome for the request for your medical records we ask you speak to the practice manager or treating professional as soon as possible. We request that you make your compliant in writing. This will help us to investigate these issues and get back to you within 30 days of receiving your complaint. If you do not wish to make a complaint to us, you may contact the Office of Australian Information Commissioner on 1300 363 992.

What is a mutual contract

As a patient of Mind Connections we encourage you to be informed of your rights and responsibilities.

In order to provide a consistent high standard of service, we wish to make it clear what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. Just as you have rights, responsibilities and expectations from professionals and staff at the practice, the professionals and staff have rights, responsibilities and expectations from patients.

By attending this practice, you agree to practice policy and expectations.

Patient’s Rights

You have the right to:

  • Considerate and respectful care, regardless of your beliefs and ethnic, cultural and religious practices
  • Know the name of any person involved in your care whilst attending the clinic
  • Seek a second opinion and to refuse the presence of any health professionals who are not directly involved in your care
  • Receive information from your professional in nontechnical language, regarding your diagnosis, expected treatment and follow up care.
  • Refuse participation in any medical study, medication or treatment considered experimental in nature
  • Expect safety where practices and environment are concerned
  • Expect privacy during consultations and / or treatment
  • Make a comment or complaint about the treatment or quality of care without fear of discrimination.

Patient’s Responsibilities

You have a responsibility to:

  • Provide accurate and complete information about present and past illnesses, medications, allergies and other matters relating to your health
  • Report unexpected changes in your condition
  • Tell us if you do not comprehend a contemplated course of treatment or what is expected of you
  • Follow treatment recommended by your treating professional responsible for your care and accepting the consequences of your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow your professional’s instructions
  • Keep appointments and when unable to do so notifying the practice 48 hours’ prior
  • Be considerate of the rights of other patient and staff and for assistance in the control of accompanying people and noise
  • Be respectful of the property of other person and of the practice.


These are numbers, letters or symbols that are used to identify patients with or without the use of their name. (e.g. Medicare Numbers). We will limit the use of identifiers assigned to patients by Commonwealth Government agencies to those uses necessary to fulfill our obligations to those agencies.


A patient has the right to be dealt with anonymously, provided this is lawful and practicable. However, in the medical context this is not likely to be practicable or possible for Medicare and insurance rebate purposes. It could also be dangerous to the patient’s health.


This practice has made this and other material available to patients to inform them of our policies on management of personal information and rights and responsibilities.

Mind Connections operates a Zero Tolerance Policy and will not tolerate any form of aggression / violence directed towards yourself and/or other. When it seemed appropriate our staff are trained to call for additional assistance from law enforcement agencies.