Specialised treatment

According to research individuals do tend to do better when they are working with both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. At Mind Connections our psychologists work closely with our psychiatrists to ensure that we are providing timely and effective care for you.

Our specialised programs include:

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1. Children and family

  • Individual, group and family therapy.

2. Adolescent Psychological disorders

  • Loss, stress, substance abuse, eating disorders or suicide.

3. Developmental and behavioural disorders

  • Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, ODD) and Conduct Disorder.

4. Psychosis/Mood disturbances

  • Depression or bipolar illness.

5. Group Therapy programs

  • REACH, Schema, Addiction and more.

6. Alcohol and Illicit Drugs

  • Substance addition and abuse.

7. Dual Diagnosis

  • Mental abuse and substance abuse.

8. Shared Care Programs

  • Residential aged care services.

9. Inpatient services

  • Hospital admissions for patients.

10. Eating Disorders

  • Body image, coping and dietary needs.

11. Pre and Post Natal illness

  • Post natal depression.

12. Dementia

  • Impaired memory and cognitive functioning.

13. Treatment resistant schizophrenia

  • Clozapine program.

14. Mindfulness School Program

  • A group program for Schools

1. Specialised Treatment for Children and Family

Treatment programs for children comprise of sessions for entire family so everyone is effectively engaged in the treatment. We offer a combination of individual, group and family therapy in conjunction with psychiatric evaluation. Ongoing monitoring during follow up sessions helps the child in establishing age appropriate healthy boundaries and developmental tasks.

As a result of receiving treatment children will learn how to manage the presenting problem and family members will develop healthy coping skills and responses to the presenting symptoms.

2. Specialised Treatment for Adolescent Psychological disorders

Poor mental health can affect overall well-being of adolescents and can lead to substance abuse, severe eating disorders or suicide. Many experience loss or stress, and others must manage their chronic illness at a young age.

If you notice that your young child or teen has sudden or major changes in behaviour, such as:

    • Crying or becoming angry or worried more often
    • Withdrawing from friends and family
    • Losing weight
  • Shows extreme anxiety or depression
  • Problems with sleeping
  • Aggressive behaviours or self harm

You should make an urgent appointment with us.

We understand that discussing mental issues can be stressful. So if you have any any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:


3. Specialised Treatment for Developmental and behavioural disorders

There is a large range of disorders in this category including:

  • Autism spectrum disorder, which includes Asperger’s syndrome
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and;
  • Conduct Disorder.

The symptoms associated appear early in a child’s development and this is why it is considered to be a ‘developmental disorder’. Treatment often involves combination of counselling, medications and dietary changes.

At Mind Connections we regularly work with parents and schools facilitating assertive coping skills and follow up as necessary as some of the disorders can continue to adult hood.

4. Specialised Treatment for Psychosis/Mood disturbances

Even when it is clear that the person needs help in relation mood disturbances including depression or bipolar illness, figuring out where and how to get that help can be difficult.

At Mind Connections treatment starts with thorough assessment and diagnosis. The goal is to work with patients and their families to develop an individual treatment plan that is designed to improve role functioning, reduce stress levels, minimise symptoms and facilitate independence. Treatment may include medication management, support in getting back to school or work, individual and group therapy. Support and education for family members and friends is an integral part of the treatment.

5. Specialised Group Therapy programs

REACH Group Program

What is R. E. A. C. H?

(Principles of Responsibility, Education, Acceptance, Connection and Hope)

This program was developed by Black Dog Institute. The REACH Program is a 10 session (2 hours per week or bi-weekly) psycho-educational wellbeing group program for most individuals who experience anxiety, depression, and/or bipolar disorders.  Participants are urged to observe the principles of responsibility, acceptance, connection and hope and learn new dimensions and strengths to face challenges.  Topics covered include fostering strengths, dealing with loss and grief, identifying early warning signs and triggers, wellbeing strategies, staying in touch with friends, family and work colleges.

Our next R E A C H program for 2018 is scheduled on 10th February 2018. Please contact your GP to get a referral to see a psychiatrist , Dr Jaspreet Singh and  Mental Health Care Plan for the Psychologist Mr Robert Craig. Contact us on 02 9871 7777 or 02 88831173 for more information.  Click here to see the flyer .

Mind Fullness and Schema Group Program

The program has been designed to assist those who wish to achieve self empowerment.Individual have the opportunity to develop insight into own thought patterns, their maladaptive behaviors – they have enlightening experience to walk away from unhelpful strategies that have kept them trapped in repetitive, sad and perhaps destructive behavior and thinking.

Our 1st  Mind Fullness program for 2018 is scheduled on 20th January 2018 .  Please contact your GP to get a referral to see a Psychiatrist,   Dr Padmini Howpage and a Mental Health Care Plan for Clinical Psychologist Mr Gabriel Wong.  Contact us on 02 9871 7777 for more information.   Click here to see the flyer.

Other group therapy programs

Other group therapy programs run by Mind Connections include:

  • Schema Group Therapy Introduction
  • Schema Group Therapy for adults
  • Addiction Recovery Group Therapy
  • Successful living: self-control and strong relationships Group Therapy

These programs are run according the availability of suitable candidates and times may vary depending on numbers. Please enquire from our friendly staff for availability and they can help you placing your name on a waiting list.

Please note that you need to get a referral letter to see a psychiatrist from your GP. You also need a GP mental health care plan to attend Group Sessions.  Please book a longer appointment with your GP.

We understand that discussing mental issues can be stressful. So if you have any any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:


6. Specialised Treatment for Alcohol and illicit Drugs

The goals of treatment for those recovering from drug, alcohol abuse and addiction is to rediscover, reintegrate and re-engage with society and with their lives. At Mind Connections we provide individualised treatment so people with addiction problems are able to maintain wellbeing through harm minimisation or abstinence. They go on to work, study and raise families, and re-establish relationships and identity.

7. Specialised Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis means someone has both a mental illness and a substance abuse problem. Many people with alcohol and illicit drug problems have a range of mental health problems at higher rates than the general community. In many cases, it is hard to tell which problem came first; perhaps the mental illness prompted the person to abuse drugs, or else their drug problem pre-dated their mental illness.

8. Specialised Shared Care Programs

Residential aged care services

Our clinicians conduct liaison services to residential aged care facilities in the community. These clinics are located in Hills District, Hunters Hill, Gordon and Carlingford area. The clinics are popular among residents, families, staff and local GPs. These clinics enhance the quality of retirement life of our senior citizens and their families. The services intend to enhance quality of life in many ways including:

  • Continuing care in elderly residents in their own environment
  • Early intervention aimed at reducing psychiatric morbidity
  • GP support and education
  • Family support and;
  • Enhancing healthy ageing.

We understand that discussing mental issues can be stressful. So if you have any any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:


9. Inpatient services

Our psychiatrists have admitting rights to the Windsor Rd Clinic at Hills Private Hospital, Baulkham Hills. We provide liaison Psychiatry services for medically ill patients admitted to Norwest Private Hospital and Westmead Private Hospital. We will organise visits to the above hospitals in order to provide specialised services for patients with mental illness, or who are experiencing psychological stress during the admissions for medical, surgical and postpartum causes. These services are generally funded by the Private Health Insurance, Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) and relevant 3rd parties.

A recognised problem is that the person with dual diagnosis is managed through separate systems. This can make diagnosis and treatment more difficult. At Mind Connections we provide combined mental health and drug addiction programs to overcome this difficulty. Research suggests that people with a dual diagnosis respond well to integrated programs that address both their mental illness and their substance abuse.

10. Specialised Treatment for Eating Disorders

If you have an eating disorder or body image concerns, we provide confidential medical and psychological evaluation, individual counselling, medical monitoring, family therapy and diet and nutrition counselling.

Our aim is to develop:

  • Healthy body image
  • Better coping skills
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Help you maintain healthy weight range for your age.

11. Specialised Treatment for Pre and Post Natal illness

Postnatal disorders can interfere with the developing relationship (bonding and attachment) between a mother and the new born baby. Many women experience mood swings after the birth of a baby. However, postnatal depression (PND) describes severe and prolonged symptoms of depression and is different from baby blues. Some women may develop pubertal psychosis which is considered as a psychiatric emergency. At Mind Connections we offer urgent assessments to women with psychological symptoms after child birth.

12. Specialised Treatment for Dementia

The most prominent of dementia symptoms is impaired memory. At Mind Connections all patients presenting with cognitive deficits are assessed to establish aetiology by our psychiatrists, neurologist and the geriatrician. We know some causes of dementia are treatable and reversible therefore a complete medical, psychiatric history and physical examinations are offered to our patients. We offer psychological support to the carer and/or family members. With psychological therapy we aim to improve the performance of cognitive functioning. When dementia at advance stage we introduce behaviour modification to address dangerous behaviour displayed by dementia patients.

13. Clozapine program for patients with treatment resistant schizophrenia

Mind Connections have been conducting clinics since 2004 for patients with treatment resistant schizophrenia. The success of the program is proven by the statistics. Since 2004, only one patient needed admission to acute psychiatric setting with a relapse. There are no patients lost to follow up.

At Mind Connections your treating psychiatrist will monitor your mental state per Clozapine monitoring guidelines. The practice will organise your medication to be dispensed through the local pharmacy.

You will have the opportunity to attend psychological therapy with our psychologists. You will also have the opportunity to attend the REACH group therapy program aimed at skills development. Our professionals focus on skills based recovery, particularly healthy life style, weight management, diet and nutrition, symptoms management and relapse prevention.

A selective group of patients may need additional services such as Quit Smoking program, attendance at metabolic clinic for six monthly reviews.

14. Mindfulness School Program

This is a new program developed by Mind Connection’s psychiatrists and psychologist mainly to help students to develop their focusing, stress management skills while achieving their goals during year 10-12 years. The one the objectives is to train key leaders among students and then train others. Therefore, this is also very useful for teachers, teacher aids and Councillors.

Who can join?  Teachers, teachers aids, Councillors, SRC representatives above year 10 or preferably years 11 and 12

Who will facilitate the Program?

 Dr Padmini Howpage, Psychiatrist, Clinical Director Mind Connections and Hills Private Hospital Windsor Road.

Mr Gabriel Wong, Clinical Psychologists, Mind Connections.

Program starts on Tuesday 8th August 2017

Click here  Mindfulness Program to see the flyer and more details.



We understand that discussing mental issues can be stressful. So if you have any any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

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