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Undergraduate medical student program

Mind Connections supports medical education, and training for future doctors. The Fourth year medical students from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Western Sydney attend supervised clinical placements with our professional team, particularly with psychaitrists. Students will have the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the philosophies underlying a modern mental health service and also have an awareness of barriers to care and access of mental health services at all levels.

Students develop skills by taking mental health history, performing mental state examination, developing management plans and assessing risks related to mental health issues. They learn multi model, multi disciplinary aspects of care applicable to mental illness.


Mind Connections is an accredited training facility for 4th year medical students of Western Sydney University.


Small Group GP Education seminars

Mind Connections has successfully implemented GP Seminar training programs since 2010. We address common issues that GPs may face in their practice that relates to mental health. In order to ensure that our seminars deal with current issues and provide ideal solutions, we encourage GPs to raise issues they would like to see discussed and/or discuss case studies they have experienced with other GPs and our Mental Health professionals.

The GP Seminar programs provide a valuable opportunity for GPs to up skill and add more value to their practice. GPs, who attend 4 seminars, including the initial planning session, are eligible for Category 1, 40 points from RACGP QA & CPD program. Between 2010 – 2013, 15 GPs completed QA & CPD activity. More than 25 GPs attended throughout the period. Thus far, we are the most successful GP education program in North Western Sydney.

Feedback from GP participants were extremely positive. The seminars fulfilled the gap in GP mental health education and was well received by all. GPs believed that the seminars added value to their daily practice. Most felt confident about making changes to their approach about how they treat patients suffering from mental health issues. They also highly valued the opportunity to share own experience with other GPs and mental health professionals. GPs appreciated having a GP Liaison officer (appointed by Mind Connections) and commented about efficient and user friendly approach.

Peer Reviews

Carlingford and Norwest Specialist Practices are committed to continuing professional education, quality assurance and practice development. We have peer review programs with the goal of strengthening the quality of service delivery according to evidence based medicine. Clinicians share experiences about moral and ethical dilemmas and difficult diagnostic and management issues relevant to patient’s care.

The peer review group is registered with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. The meetings are 2 hours and held x 4 times a year.